Exchange & Refund Policy

Under Clause 5 “Fees and Payment” of the Terms and Conditions of License and Use of Contents,
1. In consideration of the licence, right and/or benefit to the Contents provided to you, you agree to pay EastPro such licence fees as listed on the Website. The fees shall be paid before downloading the Contents. All licence fees paid to EastPro are nonrefundable.
2. You are solely responsible for any and all taxes, duties and charges imposed by any jurisdiction as a result of the licence granted to you under these Terms and Conditions or of your use of the Contents.
3. You are responsible for mailing and logistics costs for delivering physical purchased items to you, if any. Such delivery costs shall be paid by you before delivery. All delivery costs paid to EastPro are nonrefundable.

You should therefore check the Contents to be licensed carefully before you effect payment.

Under Clause 7.1 of the Terms and Conditions of License and Use of Contents,
7.1 All Contents are owned by the relevant artists or third parties. EastPro warrants that, to the best knowledge and belief of EastPro, it has the right and authority to make the Contents available to you pursuant to these Terms and Conditions. However, EastPro is not responsible or liable for and does not accept liability for any claims, modifications or edits made to the Contents. EastPro does not endorse or approve any end product incorporating the Contents.