EastPro Photo - Chak Wai Leung
Mr. Chak Wai Leung

Mr. Chak Wai Leung was invited to exhibit his photos by the Les Photaumnales, International Art Photography, in France in 2016, together with photos from the other Hong Kong masters - Ho Fan and Yau Leung.

Chak Wai Leung was born in 1942 and had worked as a civil servant in the Hong Kong Government for over thiry three years.  While persuing the art of photography and darkroom operations, he also writes articles for newsapapers and photography magazines.  Since the 1960s, Chak has taken a great number of photos that reflect the hardships of life in Hong Kong.

He served as consultant of Photographic Society and a judge of International Salon.  His publications are represented by photo albums of Under The Lion-rock Hill 1964-1970 (published in 2006) and Natural Life (published in 2007), Chak Wai Leung - The Hong Kong story.  His works are collected by the Hong KOng Culture Museum and the Hong Kong Historical Museum.

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